"Should I preach if no one is listening?"

In Aviv Center

One of our volunteers, Leonid, shared what happened once during his shift in Aviv Center.

His group was feeding the visitors, as usual. Then Leonid sat down with them and tried to preach (sadly, due to the effects of drugs, it is difficult for many visitors to focus on the Word). He took the topic of prayer.

“I look around,” says Leonid, “and see that nobody is listening to me. Well, not even one! Should I stop? But something in me prompts: ‘Speak!’ And I kept talking on how important prayer is for us, for our relationship with the Lord... And again, I see the same: no one is listening. And I am still urged – ‘Continue! So I did...

And suddenly a guy’s head rises from the table (I thought he was fast asleep beside his plate) and I hear:

‘Leonid, I am actually listening to you...’

‘Thank God!’ I said. ‘One person has heard me.’

And from that day on, the visitors themselves have been asking: ‘Will we have a Bible lesson today?’”

Let us pray that the Lord would give us boldness in the most hopeless (in our opinion) circumstances to share His Word!

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