"What calmed the storm"

Table in Tel Aviv

A large young lady was moving right towards us down the street.

This was Lola. She was dressed strangely, wearing her underwear on top of everything else. While we were distributing food and drinks, she started pouring water all over herself from large bottles, taking a "shower" and changing clothes. Our volunteers exchanged glances, but in this world, where everything is upside down, you can see anything… Coming even closer to our food distribution table, Lola started brushing her teeth. At this point, the senior volunteer of the team urged her to "respect the place" where we serve. Crossing the road, she got into a skirmish with another addicted girl. On the street, quarrels and fights begin so quickly that we often ask each other, wondering: "Why did they start all that?" Soon the second girl had an abrasion on her arm; it's good that there was no bleeding, so we approached her and treated her hand with iodine. Again and again Lola come up to us, then ran across the road, shouting something to someone, shaking her fists...

In the morning we agreed that we would offer and distribute some bijouterie we had brought with us. Girls are always happy to receive such gifts and love to adorn themselves. Volodya, one of the volunteers, handed Lola a necklace, choosing the most stylish one. At first she got embarrassed, then put the necklace on and started looking at herself in Aviv Center’s window like in a mirror. Having received our sincere compliment, she suddenly changed. The aggression seemed to evaporate and Lola began talking about her mother. Maybe she should go back to her? “Yes, of course!” - our volunteers reply. Lola added something quietly, bitterly regretting her "dirty life"...

And we could see once again: kindness still works and leads to wonderful results!

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