Women's Shelter in Beersheva

Womens Shelter3In 2020 we opened our Shelter for women and their children in crisis like domestic violence, prostitution, human trafficking and extreme financial difficulties. The Shelter’s goal is to supply the women’s basic needs, while at the same time helping them get spiritual, psychological and legal support to overcome the crisis and find the way out of it into a healthy and independent social and spiritual life and safe and stable situation for them and their children.

Government shelters for women and children do exist in Israel, but their help is limited and, of course, they do not provide spiritual help which, as we are convinced, is the most important element of assistance these women need. Only the Lord Jesus can truly heal and restore them and their families. Besides, government women shelters are intended only for victims of domestic violence who need to hide from their husbands. For women who find themselves in any other type of crisis mentioned above there is no real help. The social services may just take the children from the mother, leaving her to sink or swim.

We strongly believe that this ministry is a great evangelistic tool that can show God’s love and care not only to women who are in need of help but also to many people around them – relatives, social workers, judges, etc. We also hope that eventually these women and children will join our local churches and will become a testimony and a blessing for them and for our society in general.

Here is the link to an article about our Shelter posted on a Messianic Israeli website, “Kehilah News”:


What kind of help are the tenants getting?

Spiritual:Womens Shelter4

1) Bible studies and lessons

2) Spiritual counseling


1) Accommodations

2) Provision of food and help to meet other immediate physical needs


1) Assistance in the social, legal, medical, etc. matters (consultations, support)

2) Assistance with childcare

Our Shelter also provides confidential counseling for women in crisis who are not in need of a shelter yet, but still want social, spiritual or legal advice.

Since the Shelter has an openly Christian orientation, we cannot receive any financial support from the government or the municipality. Therefore we rely solely on God’s provision through donations from Christian organizations and individuals.

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