"Private Conversations"

Renovated Second floor

By Nina, volunteer from Ashdod

On the second floor of Aviv Center there is a quiet, cozy spot with several armchairs and a coffee table. Two people can talk here without interference. Usually these are a senior member of a volunteer team and an addict who wants to talk and ask his questions in private.

We see that for several reasons homeless addicts often do not open up in the presence of others like them. They may come and sit gloomily, just eat and leave without uttering a word. Sometimes it is because of fear, or shame, or the thought "What will they think about me?"… These are the laws of the street.

But when someone goes upstairs, he finds himself in a world of understanding and sincere sympathy. A volunteer will listen to him patiently. He will not rush things, but also will not hide the fact that the person on the other side of the table is in a very dangerous situation.

The latter hears: "Make no stay, do not hesitate, because you do not know what will become of you when you leave this place." Indeed, the chilling truth is that the addict may not survive this night.

“There is a way to salvation!” – says the volunteer. And sometimes the addict starts crying as he has not cried in a long time, and he is not afraid that others will see him and make fun of him.

Someone is already making a call, informing a rehab center that a new guy is coming.

“Come on, they are waiting for you!”

And shortly afterwards they go to the car together. The first right step has been made – away from the deadly abyss.

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